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This is the news you have been waiting for! Today is the launch of the Vera jumper, my latest pattern! I know you have seen the photos on social media. You have read my last blog post, Link telling you the exciting news that it was coming soon. And you have had the emails telling you to get ready.

Well now the wait is over. You can buy your copy of Vera and get to using up all those scraps of sock yarn! I am so excited to see the combinations of colours and patterns you will come up with on those stand-out sleeves!

What You Need To Know….

Vera is a lightweight jumper, perfect for this time of the year where in many places the temperatures are changing. It doesn’t matter if you live in the Northern Hemisphere where weather is getting colder and wetter. And it also doesn’t matter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere where you are looking forward to warmer and longer days. This is the perfect sweater for this time of year.

It is knitted in 4 ply sock yarn. Which makes Vera jumper lightweight yet warm. At a time when you want an extra layer, but you don’t want any more bulk to your outfit this is the only garment you will need. The deep v-neck is perfect for wearing over a contrasting vest.

How long do you like the body of your sweaters to be? I quite like mine to sit at around the pocket of my jeans. But one of my testers likes hers longer and another likes hers shorter. Vera is perfect as it is knitted top-down in the round which makes it easy to try on as you go. You can stop, try it on and then decide if you want to keep knitting or go on to the ribbing at the bottom.

And Have You Seen Those Sleeves?

The best bit about the Vera Jumper is the sleeves. They are gorgeous. They are eye-catching. And they will be totally unique to your version! No one else will have used the same scraps of sock yarn which means that your Vera will be totally unique to you. With the added bonus of having used up lots of scraps that you didn’t know what to do with!

Will you do as I did and split your left overs, using half on each sleeve so they are the same? Or will you do what one of my testers did and use different scraps on each arm? I cannot wait to see what yours looks like!

Don’t forget to share with me on social media. Tag me @allneedles and use #verajumper so I can see all your gorgeous projects!

Where Can I get Vera Jumper?

Vera is available in many of the places that you like to buy your digital patterns. You can grab it on Ravelry. It is also available on Payhip. If you buy on either of these two platforms it has an automatic 10% off for the next seven days. So now is the best time to head over and get it before the discount runs out.

The pattern is also available on LoveCrafts but unfortunately I am unable to offer a discount on there at this time.

And the best news of all is that you can buy the Vera Jumper right here on my own website. And it also comes with the same discount for the same length of time. Hurry! You don’t want to miss out!

And Looking to the Future…

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