The World’s Gonna Know Your Name is Here Now!

The World’s Gonna Know Your Name is my latest knitting pattern and I have released it today!. And the most exciting news is that it is FREE for subscribers to my newsletter!

If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter then you have missed out on this offer. But don’t worry! When you sign up you get a code for 50% off one of my patterns, and there will be other free ones for subscribers in the future so now is a great time to make sure you don’t miss out again!

The World’s Gonna Know Your Name – Why?

Where does the name for this pattern come from, I hear you ask! Well I am a huge fan of musicals. Two of my absolute favourites are Jesus Christ Superstar and Hamilton. The name for this pattern comes from Hamilton. In fact it comes from the opening song – Alexander Hamilton. I was listening to it a lot when I was working on this initially. Then when I revisited it to do all the editing I was able to watch it on Disney+.

The World’s Gonna Know Your Name – What?

So I guess you want me to tell you a bit more about the pattern? It is a headband knitted in DK weight yarn. It includes instructions for a provisional cast on and to graft at the end if you want. But you could also use your favourite cast on and cast off methods and seam it to finish. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of grafting stitches.

It is a great pattern for using up the odds and ends of balls of yarn when you have finished other projects. The biggest size should only use a maximum of 30g. And you could get really inventive and use up lots of different colours by using stripes or blocks of colour.

The most noticeable thing about The World’s Gonna Know Your Name is the twist at the front. It gives the finished item the appearance of a turban style headband. It is really effective and eye catching, but you will be surprised how much fun it is to do. The pattern includes a photo tutorial to help for the first time, but soon you will be making lots of versions of this in all the colours for everyone you can think of.

The World’s Gonna Know Your Name – an original?

The are a few things you can do to make the finished headband unique. One of my testers added a cute little button to the front. You could also add something sparkly, or change the look with some colour work. You can check out some of the tester’s project pages on Ravelry.

Do you like to have a project that you can just pick up and put down when you have only a few minutes to work on it without worrying about losing your place? Maybe you need something to keep in the car for when you are running errands? I know I have been keeping a project in there at the moment because whilst we are being encouraged to shop alone I will stay in the car whilst my husband or son runs in to quickly grab a few things. And of course, its always nice to have a project that you don’t need to concentrate on too much when you are enjoying a movie or series in the evening.

The World’s Gonna Know Your Name – Where?

You can grab your copy in a few places. Here on my website as well as on Love Crafts. If you are a subscribe to my newsletter I will be sending out a code which you will be able to redeem on either Ravelry or Payhip.

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