Getting Nowhere Fast

Today I am having one of those days. It is the first day of Coronavirus lockdown that I have felt out of sorts. I feel like I have been treading water all day. I feel like I am super busy but getting nowhere at all. Loads of people are bored. I haven’t got there yet. But I do feel like I can’t focus.

Stay At Home

I haven’t been out today. First time I haven’t even walked the dog. I should have gone for a 5k run but I wasn’t feeling up to it today. I have spent most of my days at home since the Coronavirus social distancing measures came in. Working from my new office in the spare room. Or doing the housework. But I have spent around 30-60 minutes on each of the days out exercising or walking the dog. I just didn’t feel like it today.

Staying Connected

I am still trying to keep connected with the people in my life. I have spoken with my older brother and sister via video chat first thing. Its been a while since we talked and it was nice to see their faces and hear their voices. They are keeping as safe as they can. My sister still has to go to work as she is deemed an essential worker. She has a special letter to carry with her on the way too and from work in case she is stopped by the police. My brother has been working from home for a while and is even staying in a completely different house from his girlfriend.

I have chatted on the phone with Phil. But after days of neither of us going anywhere or doing anything we didn’t really have much to talk about. He has been giving me his running commentary of the view from his window. He can see the police moving cars on when they park up instead of going home. Still no news about him coming home anytime soon but as long as he stays safe from the Coronavirus.

I am also continuing to have a coffee with my friends over video call with my friends every morning. It is good to talk over the fact that we are all in the same position and feeling a bit anxious over the Coronavirus and all the changes it has made to our lives.

Keep Busy

First thing I did this morning was finish cleaning the en-suite bathroom and hoover upstairs whilst Caitlin took Arthur for a walk. I haven’t been doing a huge amount of cleaning, but I have definitely done more that usual. I am so far keeping busy with exercise, writing and knitting. Talking to people and staying connected has also been taking up a lot of time.

New Patterns

The other thing that has been keeping me busy this weekend has been releasing a new pattern. I have been working on a set of headbands, with a twist at the front that looks like a turban. I have written it for 4ply, DK, chunky and super chunky yarns. So far I have released the pattern for the super chunky, If You Don’t Know. It has 25% off in my Ravelry store until next weekend. The other weights are still being edited and I will release them in the coming weeks.

Quiz Time

This afternoon during the livestream Loraine and I did a bit of a quiz. I had the Blockbusters game and asked the questions whilst Loraine and our listeners answered. There was some really good knowledge out there!

If you want to watch the video you can find it on You Tube.

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