Very Little Sleep

So its Day Two of Lockdown against Corronavirus and its a sign of the times, that last night I barely got any sleep. And the reason? Today I had to brave the shops and I was feeling extremely anxious about it. I have seen the pictures on the TV of long queues to get into the shop and the empty shelves once you are in.

An Even Earlier Start

Yesterday I went out with the dog earlier than usual. My normal routine would have me leaving the house at 7. But this time was so busy on Monday I went earlier yesterday and was back home by 7. And the fields had even more walkers. So today I was in the fields by 6:15, and I still saw two dog walkers.

Time to Brave the Shops

I don’t usually do my shopping in store. For a long time I have been having deliveries on a Thursday afternoon. It works for me. With very little spare time I decided I didn’t want to spend it in the hell that is a supermarket.

But Coronavirus has meant that no one is getting home deliveries. The slots are not available, and if by some miracle you do get one, the site keeps crashing so you can’t add or remove things from your basket anyway. I have a slot for Tuesday which I managed to book a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea what will come as I can’t get into the site.

A Sinking Feeling

My local Morrisons is offering an NHS hour from 7-8 every morning and general shopping thereafter. So I arrived at around 7:55 and was shocked to see that barriers had been erected since I was there last and shoppers were already queuing around the block. Time to grab a trolley and join at the back. I wasn’t hopeful that I would get in the store any time soon.

Looking a Little Different

The doors were all closed and had security guards on them. There was a list on the door of which items there were restrictions on how many you could buy. Surprise surprise – toilet rolls!

There was also a sign reminding shoppers to keep their social distancing rules by taking notice of the stickers on the floor.

I got inside relatively quickly and once I was in the atmosphere was one of calm. The shelves were relatively well stocked. There was only one kind of things such as toilet paper or rice but I managed to get everything I needed.

When it was time to check out you had to join a queue, stand on the dots and wait to be told which checkout to go to. It was all very civilised and in fact I think I preferred it. But the one out, one in system wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. The manager was expecting complaints.

Time For Work

Today I felt like I was busier with work to do at home than I sometimes can be when I am in college. Loads of tutors had contacted me with lists of students to ring. I must say I am actually enjoying my new way of working. I have a kettle on the side, my music playing when I’m not on the phone, and the dog snoozing at my feet.

We Are Live!

Loraine from Woolly Madly Deeply and I had our usual live session. Today I was busy ripping out a project that had never got finished because I wanted to give the wool to Elaine. She was looking for blues and these were the only ones I had. It was time I addressed the frog pond.

Somehow I managed to get myself caught up, the wool and headphone wire tangling up so that I was unable to move until it was sorted. I did fear I would be there for some time!

Check out our FB group Knitting Across the Pennines and our YouTube channel.

And Relax…..

I am absolutely shattered after a busy day and very little sleep. But despite all three of us being in the same house together for a week I have barely seen the kids and would like to spend some time with them. I am off to see if anyone wants to watch a movie with me.

Keep safe everyone. Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

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