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You might well be wondering what happened to the Coronavirus Files Days 20-25. I had a blip. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I just needed to be kind to myself for a while. I took a few days to not worry about much at all. I listened to music. I watched Jesus Christ Superstar. A lot. I tried to exercise but only if I felt like it. I talked to friends. But only when I was in the mood. And the rest of the time I pretty much just tried to keep going.

I wasn’t really unwell. I wasn’t sleeping so I was definitely tired. I think I can only describe my mood as a real deep, dark, ennui. I had lost my mojo. And I could no longer find joy or excitement in the things I had previously.

Be Kind

We are always being told to be kind where possible. And it is always possible. But quite often we forget to be kind to ourselves. I don’t know why that I thought being locked in my house due to the Coronavirus outbreak was going to result in me having a complete personality transplant.

I am an introvert. I like being at home. I like my own company. I can entertain myself pretty well for the most part. And I found I had set myself some pretty unrealistic goals. I enjoy the company of my friends who I see once or twice a week. And I generally talk to my parents and my mother-in-law once a week. Why would I suddenly be able to talk to everyone all the time? I found it so stressful. Video calls were suddenly taking up around 5 hours of my day! I had to take some time back for myself.


One of the reasons why I knit is that it soothes my soul. I find it a kind of meditation. And that is probably why I am a process knitter. I don’t really have much interest in the finished item. I rarely wear what I make and am happy to give my samples away. And it is also a reason why I enjoy simple garter stitch or stocking stitch in the round. I think I need it all the more during the Coronavirus lockdown.

I have been working on some projects this week though. I finished the knitting part of the cardigan that I am going to steek. I have to sew up the stitches and then cut them and add a button band and then it is finished. But the way I have been feeling I decided it was probably best to leave this for now. Its not as if I really need to wear it just now as the weather has taken a lovely warm turn.

I have also been working on some baby things. I have finished a baby jacket for my step-daughter who is expecting a girl at the beginning of September. I was a little distracted whilst sewing it up and ended up grafting the wrong side of the front to the wrong side of the back and had to do it again! I am actually not too happy with the rib on the hood and want to take it out and do it on smaller needles. So I will post a finished picture when I have done that.

I have also been making some burp cloths. They are in 100% cotton with lovely simple patterns on them. I know they will come in handy for the baby. And I have really enjoyed having something that didn’t require much concentration to make. Again, I will post photos of those when I have done all three of them. I am doing the last one at the moment.

Keep Moving!

I have also struggled to keep the enthusiasm for my running without my running friends. I have done a few dreadmill runs which I always find hard going. I have tried to keep them short and fast. But they are necessary at the moment as due to government rules during the Coronavirus outbreak I can’t go out on the days that it is my turn to walk Arthur.

Today I went out for my weekend treasure hunt. Our brief this week was Gate, Horse, Ice cream. I went through the fields that I usually walk with Arthur. It was a tough run but I really enjoyed it, for the first time in ages! I found lots of horses and gates. I even got in a bonus snap or two of the lambs and Ormesby Hall in recognition of my friends, The Halls, that I am missing catching up with.

I still have to get ice cream but I am quite looking forward to going out tomorrow to find that on a more urban route. I am hoping one of the local Spar shops might have an ad for one in the window!

Stay Connected

I am going to continue to write my Coronavirus File posts, but I have decided not to put pressure on myself to do one everyday. I will try and remember to post on my Instagram and Twitter pages when I have written one.

In the meantime don’t forget Loraine and I go live every day in our Knitting Across the Pennines Facebook page every afternoon. And Thursday evening we do our virtual knit night. We would love it if you could join us.

If you can’t then why not watch our videos on You Tube where you can catch up with us at your convenience.

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