Pitch Perfect Ma’am!

Last night the Queen gave the nation a rousing speech to help us get through the Coronavirus Lockdown. It is only about the 5th time she has done this when it hasn’t been Christmas in her entire reign. And boy did we need it. I didn’t watch it live as I was spending some much needed time with Caitlin and we were in the middle of Dirty Dancing. But I watched it this morning and I have to say Liz has done it again. I love the Queen and this speech was just another example of why. If you didn’t see it you can watch here – Queen’s speech.

Loraine shared a funny meme about the speech earlier in the day on our Knitting Across the Pennines Facebook group. She also joked to me that she was going to be putting the Christmas tree up. We Brits do like our black humour. And Coronavirus is definitely lending itself to it.

But then…

Just as we were feeling buoyed up and patriotic from the Queen’s pep talk, just as we were starting to think we could get through and things would be OK – the news that BoJo has been admitted to hospital for tests following the continuation of his symptoms from the Coronavirus. 10 days after he tested positive and he still has a temperature and, I believe, difficulties with his breathing.

The news hit the headlines and the well wishes started to roll in. Even Donald Trump called an unexpected press conference to sing the praises of the British Prime Minister and wish him a speedy recovery.

Making the Most of it…..

This morning as I was walking Arthur in the drizzle I suddenly thought I should really be making the most of our early morning walks in the fresh air. After the antics of the Covidiots at the weekend and the Health Minister threatening that if the stupid few continue to ruin it for the majority that all outdoor exercise could be banned. I assume that if that happens that even dogs won’t be getting the exercise that they so desperately need until the Coronavirus Lockdown is lifted.

So I slowed down and got out my camera. I looked around at all the signs of spring and just enjoyed the rain that was in the air. It had been drizzling on and off for the entire time since we had left the house. But that was OK because it meant that it would be quieter. The “softies” being put off from going out too early and saving their walk for when the weather may have improved.

Arthur certainly enjoyed his walk. The train went past us and as always he went tearing off as if he could catch it. After a short burst he realised he had no chance of keeping up and returned to me.

Just to Lighten the Mood

Just to make us smile a bit on what is probably a hard day for us with two weeks at home under our belts, I thought I would share some Coronavirus memes that have been circling on the internet. I have collected a few and will share more in later posts. A lot of them are typical of the black humour that I enjoy. I hope they bring a little cheer to your day and don’t offend you. I think in times such as these we all need to find a smile where we can. Stay safe and I will leave you with Queen Elizabeth’s words – “We will meet again.”

Don’t forget!

Just a little reminder that Loraine and I go live in our Knitting Across the Pennines group on Facebook every afternoon. We would love it if you could join us. Or if you can’t then please check out the recordings on You Tube.

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