Here We Go Again….

A lot of things have changed since the Coronavirus Lockdown was put into force. One of those things is shopping. It has been nearly two weeks since I last went to the supermarket. I have been trying to go as infrequently as possible. It was not an experience I enjoyed last time. And so I haven’t been in any hurry to repeat it. We have been eating strange combinations of food, and reaching into the deepest and darkest recesses of the freezer. But I could put it off no longer. And with the Bank Holiday Weekend coming up it HAD to be today really.

Disturbed Sleep

As was the case the last time I knew I had to go shopping, I was feeling anxious about and that anxiety definitely disturbed my sleep. I was up from 4 with no prospect at all of getting back off. And so I was up, drinking coffee and knitting a few rounds on my sweater that will be a cardigan when Callum got up. Usually I walk the dog Monday – Thursday, he does Friday and Saturday whilst Caitlin picks up the Sunday shift. But as I wanted to get to the supermarket for opening I had swapped with Callum this morning.

He headed out with the dog at 6; I got up and dressed and headed out the door around 6:15. It was a good job it was quiet on the roads due to the Coronavirus Lockdown so I could get used to the loan car.


Arriving a little before 6:30 I was totally unsurprised to find myself joining a queue to be let in. This time, however, I knew the drill and so collected my shopping trolley before joining the back of the line. I counted 20 people in front of me. And despite the government directives being only one person from each house to go shopping, there were one or two couples.

Once the doors were opened we made our way through the one way system to the door and actually got in quite quickly. A wipe down of the trolley with cleaner and a reminder to stay away from other people and it was down to the serious business.

One Way

Normally I can zip around a supermarket in about 20 mins. From door to door I can usually be done within the hour. But that was in the days before Coronavirus Lockdown. That was before we all had to wait for the person in front of us to stop deciding which was the best bunch of bananas so we could move on. That was before only being allowed three of any item. And it was certainly before the days of a supermarket being busy when it opened at 6:30am!

Most people were trying to stick to the guidelines. I followed a woman round the entire place as I am pretty sure you aren’t supposed to overtake on the inside. One guy did come up from behind to stand alongside me in the freezer section, and then another decided to come through the middle of us. He got a shouting at from me for his efforts but he would seem uninterested in Coronavirus distancing measures! And another woman was stood in the middle of the aisle shouting to her husband at the end so I couldn’t get to the till. When I reminded her I couldn’t pass I got a filthy look. But that was about as bad as it got.

Hopefully I now won’t need to brave the shops for about 10 days. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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