We are in Lockdown!

Last night the British Prime Minister said that he was bringing in more enforced rules to stop the spread of Coronavirus.  The most draconian measures that have been since in this country in generations.  I like to say he put his foot down with a firm hand.  But my lockdown isn’t the same as my neighbours or my friends.  So I thought I would write a short note everyday of how I am doing.

My Husband is AWOL

My Husband

The most worrying thing for me personally is that my husband is stuck many miles away in Saudi Arabia.  They stopped all flights in and out of the country last Saturday over Coronavirus fears.  I haven’t seen him since 2nd January, and it looks like I won’t be seeing him in the foreseeable.  I am trying very hard not to worry about him.  I want to stay calm for the kids, and also him.  The last thing he needs is me being upset when we talk.  His life is much worse than mine at the moment.

Keep Working!

I am very lucky that the college has said they will continue to pay me for now and so I am working from home for the next two weeks. Along with the kids who are doing their college courses from their rooms too. 

I tried working in the kitchen yesterday but I didn’t like it.  So I asked Callum to help me move a desk into the spare room.  I now have what can only be described as chaos upstairs, but it is great to have a dedicated workspace.

An Early Start to the Day

We are allowed to go out to exercise once a day.  For me that obviously means a dog walk.  Usually I head out into the fields around 7am.  I walk for around 40 mins and wouldn’t see anyone.  Yesterday I went out around 6:45 and saw three people.  Only one was walking a dog.  Today I saw 5 dogs and 6 people and I left my house around 6:15.  It seems we all have the same idea of getting out early. I did have to remind one person about social distancing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

You Still Have Work to Do!

I spent a bit of time trying to tidy the spare room up a bit after making a huge mess yesterday.  I set up my work laptop and all my files and bits and bobs I need in the drawers.  I had some things to do.  Some students needed ringing because they hadn’t yet logged on and accessed their work.

One of the parents took the opportunity of having me on the phone to moan at.  He wasn’t happy that his son has an EHCP and was initially told he could still attend college last week but now has to work from home.  I cannot believe he hasn’t been keeping up with the changes from the government with regards to Coronavirus or would think it was my decision?

Human Interactions are Important

Mid-morning was my virtual coffee break with my friends Ann, Elaine and Michelle.  We all grab a coffee and video chat on Messenger for just 10 mins.  Its especially important for Elaine and Michelle as they live alone and they need some human contact, even if only via a screen.

I am still able to speak to my husband via WhatsApp at the moment.  I usually talk to him at lunch as that is when he finishes work.  He isn’t able to get home, but his company still thinks its a great idea to have him travel the length of Saudi in order to fix a ship.  Pretty sure he should be staying in his villa but who am I to complain?

Knitting Across the Pennines

Loraine and I have been going live everyday in our Facebook group Knitting Across the Pennines.  We had started doing once a week, but we thought it might be good to check in daily with people just to make sure we are all doing well.  Today we just kind of waffled about nothing much.  It is Loraine’s birthday, but she isn’t feeling too well.  We are hoping it isn’t the lurgy but it probably is.

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We have our Cowlabunga knit a long going.  It is something we have had planned for a while.  And now more than ever we are both grateful for the distraction.

We have 25% off our cowl patterns until 2nd April. And we have a KAL until 30th April in our Ravelry group – Knitting Across the Pennines

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New Ways of Being with Family

This afternoon I have video called my mother in law to make sure she is ok.  She’s 85 and not in the best of health.  I think being isolated is really having a toll on her but hopefully it won’t be for too long.  I will drop a few bits in to her from the shops tomorrow.

You Will Have More Time to Knit

I am busier than ever at the moment as I wait for things to calm down a little.  I might get an hour of knitting today if I am lucky! And there was me thinking being at home would be relaxing!

How have you been coping with the lockdown so far? Let me know in the comments.

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