This is the second week that I have been working from home due to fears about the Coronavirus. And I have to admit that I am definitely getting into a routine and feeling like this is the new norm.

I go for my daily walk with the dog. I do my housework. I work from my new office ringing students and replying to emails. Today I even learnt how to run reports on students’ use of the on line learning platform. Life is beginning to settle into a natural rhythm. It does actually make me wonder what is going to happen when this Coronavirus quarantine is all over? Will I have developed some form of agoraphobia?

Safe at Home

Some people are finding being at home for so much of the day a little tough. They are complaining they are “stuck” at home. They are bored. They don’t like or aren’t used to their own company. They would rather be entertained by other people. I am not one of those. I enjoy being at home. I am happy in my own company. I have found plenty to entertain myself. And I am even finding the days are flying by. Maybe a change of attitude towards the Coronavirus restrictions would help. You aren’t stuck at home. You are safe at home. Embrace it. Enjoy your own company. And that of your family if you are lucky enough to be sharing the same space right now. I also find it helps to remind myself that there is always someone worse off than me.

Its Scary Out There

I am finding that I want to go out less and less as time goes on. The thought of having to queue up to get into the supermarket still causes me anxiety, even after having done it once and knowing what to expect. The thought that I could pick up the Coronavirus infection from any person that I come across scares me. And the thought that I could then pass it on to someone else scares me even more.

The number of deaths is rising day on day. At the beginning of the week I said to my husband that I thought we would hit 2000 deaths by Thursday. It is Wednesday lunch time and they have announced the current number is 2352. That is 563 more than yesterday. We have also had the really sad news that a 13 year old boy with no known underlying health issues has died. It is sad but also worrying. Many of our young people feel that they are invincible. They think this is an old person’s problem and I fear that we will see many more deaths among young people before the Coronavirus is done with us.

Alone for the Long Haul

It doesn’t look like my husband will be getting home until this is all over. There is a new video on the Twitter feed of the British Embassy stating that those people who are normally resident in Saudi Arabia should remain there at this time. In addition to him not feeling comfortable travelling at this time I would say that pretty much means I have to deal with this alone. The cavalry is not coming. And my fence isn’t getting fixed any time soon!

A New Way to Socialise

Today I have been invited to a birthday party. It is for Troy Hall. My friend’s sausage dog who is 6 today. And in the wake of the Coronavirus and the way the world is now we will be having a party via Facebook Messenger. I guess I will have to search out my party hat!

Later I will be on live doing a Facebook live with Loraine from Woolly Madly Deeply. If you would like to join us we will be in our Knitting Across the Pennines Group.

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