It Was All Going So Well….

Since the Coronavirus Lockdown really began two weeks ago I have been getting in to a lovely little routine. I don’t mind being at home with the kids and the dog all day. We have our own things that we enjoy doing that keep us busy during the day. Then in the evenings we often spend time together watching a movie or playing cards. The dog always needs walking, feeding and entertaining. I have my live streams with Loraine and I am enjoying writing down my daily thoughts in this blog.

The PM is in ICU

Then things took a major turn for the worse last night. Not for me personally; but, I fear, for the country. I had been watching a few documentaries and comedy panel shows on the Iplayer. Thinking about turning the TV off and reading for a bit before going to sleep. When I noticed a breaking news alert on my phone. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been admitted to Intensive Care as he was struggling to fight off Coronavirus.

Disturbing News

Now, I don’t care what your personal opinions are of the man. And I don’t know what your political views are. But this is not good news. For better or worse the man is in charge of the country. He is our Prime Minister and he is probably in this position because despite getting a positive test for Coronavirus he continued to work and push himself because of the situation the country is in.

I watched the news for a bit before going to sleep last night. Not something that I would usually do. I think for my mental health and my physical health I need a good nights sleep. And watching the news is not really conducive to that.

The Headlines

As you would expect the news didn’t really cover much else this morning. The PM would appear to be doing ok. He spent the night in ICU but was not sedated and was not on a ventilator. Dominic Raab is the First amongst equals and deputising. All anyone can do now is wait.

Keep Calm and Carry On…

So we are British. Lets put the kettle on and make a lovely cup of tea. We need to remember our national motto and Keep Calm and Carry On. We have an inherent belief that the Yorkshire motto will come to pass and It Will be Alright. And with that in mind let me share with you some of the knitting projects that I have been working on during the Coronavirus Lockdown.


Loraine and I are still hosting our Knit Along – Cowlabunga. This was something we had planned before the world was turned upside down. And it has been something lovely to concentrate on during the past few weeks.

I started with the Rose Textured Cowl by Loraine. I had a lovely ball of Big Cakes in a gorgeous blue and grey colourway. The two went together really well and I loved making it. And even more I loved wearing it when I went out to the shops last week.

My second project has been Behind the Green Door. I am really enjoying this cowl. It is one that I am able to work on whilst I am talking to Loraine or when I speak with my family on the phone. I can pick it up and put it down without worry. And I am loving the way the colours from the yarn are changing. Just one more row….

The Stork is Coming

My step-daughter and my niece are both expecting baby girls at the end of August/beginning of September. This has given me the opportunity to buy lots of pink wool and start designing baby things again. I will share more about these projects in future posts.

Keep Connected

Don’t forget to join Loraine and I in our Knitting Across the Pennines group on Facebook where we go live every afternoon. If you have anything you would like to ask then just shout!

And if you can’t watch live why not catch up with our videos on You Tube?

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