A Beautiful Start

This morning started in much the same way as many others have since Coronavirus meant the UK is pretty much locked into its homes. With a dog walk. But this morning I decided to really enjoy the sky. The sun was just coming up as I left my home a little before 6:30. The colours and the clouds were truly stunning so I had to take a few photos. Arthur was much more interested in trying to carry what he would call a stick, but we would probably term a branch!

More Exercise

Having had my one trip out of the house already today to walk the dog, I had to stay inside for my exercise. So I jumped on the Dreadmill for a run. I really don’t enjoy running on them and much prefer to be out in the fresh air. But by following the government advice of only one trip out of 30-60 mins a day for exercise during the Coronavirus Lockdown I had no choice.

Hamish is my Highland Cow that I bought when visiting Glasgow for a parkrun. Now they are cancelled for the foreseeable and we cannot tour poor Hamish was feeling a bit down. I decided he could be my new Dreadmill mascot instead.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel I am going faster than I am when on the treadmill. And it doesn’t help when I knocked the emergency plug out half way through my workout. Luckily my watch had decided to start recording without me telling it to.

Arthur wasn’t too impressed by the treadmill at first. It moves and makes funny noises. But eventually he got used to it, got bored and decided to use his time to stare at the world going by outside.

I Have the Best Friends

Last night my friends and I got together on messenger for a video party for Troy’s birthday. We haven’t seen each other for weeks as we are staying at home to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Arthur and Troy were pointedly ignoring each other!

This morning Michelle was at the shops getting essentials for her and her mum. And I got a care package too. She dropped it off outside my house. A book that I have been wanting to read for ages. and the all important chocolate. A girls can’t be expected to get through the Coronavirus Lockdown without plenty of gluten free and dairy free chocolate.

It is so important to keep connected in any way possible at the moment. I think my friends and I have been doing really well with this so far. It is probably going to get harder as the weeks go on. But I am determined to keep prioritising it.

Any More Work?

This morning might have been my last shift for the college. When we closed the campus I was told they would pay me for two weeks but they didn’t know if that would carry on. Today was the end of the two weeks. The college has shortened the Easter holidays from two weeks to just one. The students will finish tomorrow and be back to work on Tuesday 14th April. Again, on line, and not at the campus. I think there will be one or two teenagers who aren’t too impressed but I think it makes sense. We are all stuck inside now, so lets get the work done and hopefully be able to enjoy a longer summer when all this is over.

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