Which Bit Was Healthy?

Today is officially Coronavirus Lockdown Day 3 for me and it has been a bit of a mixed bag. I am getting used to my new working arrangements. I am happy in my new office. It is my own working space with a built in area for the dog to join me. I am used to ignoring the washing machine or the dishwasher. But there are other things that need a bit of work.

Run, Run, Run

I started the day off with a dog walk as usual but also a 5k run. In order to keep healthy during this Coronavirus Quarantine I need to keep up my running. I really miss parkrun and all my running friends, but its necessary. And I know I will appreciate them all more when we are able to get back together again.

I was pleased with my time. I ran the whole way, even up the big hill and was shattered but feeling good when I got home. I definitely need to put the full length leggings away and get out my capris for Saturday though! Here are a couple of photos I stopped to take on the way.

Work, Work, Work

I had emails from quite a few tutors with long lists of students to ring today. It was nice talking to some of the parents and hearing how everyone is coping. It seems that teenagers and knitters/crocheters are not bothered by this whole staying home malarky. We have all put in the training and its paying dividends now!

Eat, Eat, Eat

Well this bit certainly wasn’t healthy! I had a really hungry day, and I don’t know why but I just couldn’t stop eating all the things. Toast, biscuits, crisps. They were all consummed, and more! If this enforced isolation is going to carry on for months I really need to stop this behaviour! Not least because it means going shopping more if I eat more. Today it took me 2 and half hours just to log in to my Morrisons account!

Chat, Chat, Chat

So far today I have had a video chat with two of my friends during our regular coffee break. And I have spoken to my AWOL Husband. He is having things far worse than me. Stuck in a hotel room in Saudi Arabia. They have a police enforced curfew and can only go out 07:00 – 15:00. And they aren’t allowed to go out for exercise as we are. He says he isn’t, but I have visions of him running in circles around his room to keep fit!

Tonight Loraine and I are doing our Thursday Virtual Knit Night. We are looking forward to announcing the first prizes to be awarded in our Cowlabunga! KAL. There’s still time to use the 25% off code cowlabunga2020 and join in the Knit along in our Ravelry Group. Come and join us for our livestream tonight, we will be found here – Knitting Across the Pennines

And if you want to watch our previous videos they are here – You Tube

Clap for Our Carers

We will be livestreaming until just before 8 at which point we and hopefully everyone else will adjourn outside. We are all being asked to stand on our doorsteps or lean out of our windows and clap to show appreciation for all the people working in the NHS at the moment. They are facing awful dangers with Coronavirus at the moment and its the least we can do.

See you tonight!

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