A Cloudy Start

I headed out a little later than planned for my Coronavirus Allowed Exercise. Usually I would have been out around 7 but I had a little lie-in. I am definitely getting used to a more relaxed timetable over the last few days of Coronavirus Lockdown!

It was cloudy and cooler than yesterday. But I soon warmed up on my run. As my friends and I can no longer run together, or join up for a post-run coffee we have been looking for things as a kind of alphabet and treasure hunt all rolled into one. This week the objects I had to find and take photos of were daffodils, Easter eggs and a For Sale sign. Luckily I was able to find all three in just over the first km and was then able to settle into a nice pace for the rest of the run. The funniest one was the Easter eggs which I saw a sign for in the window of the Spar. The guy stood at the cash point must have thought I was bonkers!

I had planned to go for 8km but wasn’t feeling it so only got to 5.5. But I can always head out again tomorrow if I want. As my mother in law would say “There’s nowt spoiling!” It rained a bit when I first got home, but now its is lovely and sunny and warm.


I also took some photos on my cool down of rainbows that have been drawn and made during the Coronavirus Lockdown. It has been so lovely to see them popping up all over the place to cheer us all up. And of course to remind us that brighter days will be coming. We just have to hang on in there. My favourite was the one drawn in chalk on the wall.

The Shows Must Go On!

Last night I watched the live stream of Jesus Christ Superstar on You Tube. It was on a channel called The Shows Must Go On and every week they are putting a different show on. It premiers at 7pm on Friday night and is available for 48 hours.

My brother is the one that told me about it last week. He, my sister and I sat in our own homes in Coronavirus Separation and watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat “together.” Last night we did the same thing again. The only thing that was missing was the drink in the interval.

It was very well timed putting this one on Good Friday but it was the new updated rock stadium version and it was amazing. Mel C as Mary Magdalene gave me chills when she sang one of my favourite ever songs “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”. And Chris Moyles made a great appearance as King Herod. But I couldn’t take my eyes off Ben Forster as Jesus. Right about now I need the heart_eyes emoji!

In 2012 he won a contest in the ITV series Superstar and thereby got the role which went on a tour of the UK and Australia. I wish I had been able to go and see it live. I must admit to have it playing in the background as I write this! I am excited to see which show they stream next week. Check out the channel The Shows Must Go On!

Stay Connected

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