No Sleep

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown I have had a few nights where I haven’t slept too well. But last night was the worst. I don’t think I slept a wink. And it was all down to whether an email had been sent or not.

Re-cap from Yesterday

As you will remember from my post about Day 7, I was just finding out about a possible repatriation effort by the UK Government in regards to all the British Citizens currently stuck all over the world. Including my husband and his best friend who are stuck in Saudi Arabia.

The guidance on the Foreign Office page said that British Nationals who are interested in being repatriated as a result of being stuck in Saudi because of Coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines should email their details. I sent the link to my husband and to his best friend. I asked them both to just send in a quick note to find out what the Bobby Moore is. It wasn’t a commitment, just an enquiry. I heard nothing from either of them last night which is what led me to not sleeping and waking with a bad head.

No Running

The lack of sleep and resulting exhaustion meant that I really didn’t feel like I wanted to go for a run this morning as I had planned. Instead I took my one allowed exercise session in the fields by giving the dog a nice long walk. As always Arthur made the most of the time outdoors and I enjoyed the few signs that spring is on the way. I did feel much better after our walk. But I still needed more coffee.

The Daily Grind

Work was busy again this morning. It is nice to have a routine, even if that routine is different than the one before the Coronavirus meant we all had to stay home. It would seem some students are finding it much harder than others to get into the groove of working from home.

I was also very saddened to hear that a couple of colleagues in the college have lost family members. It makes it more real and I am dreading that soon it will affect people who are dear to me.

Food Glorious Food

Before the Coronavirus Lockdown I used to have my food delivered every Thursday afternoon by Morrisons. Since Covid-19 hit us it has been near enough impossible to get a delivery slot. A few weeks ago I did manage to snag a slot and today was the day that it arrived. I did put a little more in my basket than I would have usually bought in one week. But I was hoping to be able to avoid going to the shops next week. Unfortunately a good £30 worth of stuff didn’t come. I still had a lot come though. And I just absolutely love the brown paper bags it all came in. Hopefully next week I will just need bread, milk and fresh fruit.

So What’s the Bobby Moore?

The simple answer is that we don’t know at the moment. After I nagged at my husband he did actually send an email to the Embassy in Riyadh. He has had an automated response but is waiting for an email which will actually give him some details.

I don’t think he is coming home anytime soon though. We had a good chat about it. And I know he is really worried about money. He is due to retire in just two years and was hoping to get to that date before leaving his job. Or being sacked!

I know he is also really worried about travelling for hours in a packed plane, sitting with people who could potentially make him ill. The reported figures we are getting at the moment would suggest that where he currently is has fewer cases then we have here. We talked it through and he is going to wait to get an email back from the Embassy but I think in the end he will decide to stay put and ride it out where he is.

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