I Don’t Wish to Complain….

The Coronavirus has brought up many challenges in everyday life. Some people have it harder than others. In comparision I am not having it bad at all. But today has proved to be more than a little frustrating!

This Was Not How I Wanted to Spend My Day!

It all started so well! I was awake a little early, but that was no hardship. It was a lovely morning so I was able to get up and out with the dog for our walk whilst it was still nice and quiet. I even found time to have a soak in a nice hot bath before getting dressed and ready for the day ahead.

I made a cup of tea, took out my knitting and prepared to ring my parents whilst running the car and getting a few sneaky rounds in on my cardigan. But the car wasn’t playing nicely. When I tried to start it all the lights on the dashboard started flashing. The headlights were also flashing on and off. And there was a clicking noise.

I found the number for Lexus. They were closed due to Coronavirus but I was given a number to text to ask for help. They rang me quite quickly and put me in touch with the breakdown people. It was all going ok until the woman kept saying I had no road tax and that it had run out on 1st April. But I know I had paid it. They wouldn’t send someone out until I could say I had proof to show the breakdown agent.

I found proof and rang back and everything was sorted out but it was just an added frustration that I really didn’t need. I do have to say I was very impressed at how quickly the AA arrived. And they guy who helped me out couldn’t have been nicer.

Battery Says No

So now the Lexus is started but upon testing the battery it was a big fail. There was no way this was going to make it through the Coronavirus Lockdown. But also due to the Coronavirus Lockdown the garage is shut. I thought they might only be fixing the cars of key workers, but because I am the registered carer for my disabled son they would do ours for us too.

I was able to get back in touch with the man from the office who had contacted me in the first place. Lexus do a 5 year guarantee on batteries and so they will replace it. But I think I may have to wait. I am currently awaiting the delivery of a Toyota Yaris until it is all sorted out.

An Added Bonus

Do you remember I said the guy from the AA couldn’t be nicer? We had talked about my run of bad luck with my husband being stuck in Saudi for the forseeable and how both of my cars are now suffering with battery problems. Don’t tell anyone but he gave my Land Rover a jump start too even though its not really covered.

A New Place to Work

I am now currently writing this on my laptop whilst sat in the Land Rover. Both cars have been running for nearly an hour but I am not sure I want to turn either of them off. It will be a couple of hours until the Yaris is delivered and I guess the Land Rover will either have taken a charge or not. There really isn’t anything else I can do. Apart from have a cup of tea and a gluten free flapjack! Strange times indeed!

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