How Did That Happen?

Last night, as part of Operation Let’s Get Through Coronavirus Together, Loraine and I did our daily livestream. It was Thursday night so we did a virtual knit night, which you can watch on You Tube. And as it was evening and I didn’t need to get up in the morning I decided to have an adult beverage.

Now, I don’t know if its connected or not, but I ended up getting volunteered to write a haiku about a cat licking its bottom. I know! How did that happen?

Better Get On With It!

There was only one thing for it – to get on with it! I decided I needed coffee and got to composing whilst still in bed. Friday being the day Callum walks Arthur and I don’t go for a run.

The Cat’s Bottom by Me!

The cat licks his bum; I tell him, “That’s disgusting!”; He stares with disdain.

Don’t you just love it? That took me ages! So to distract from the weakness in my composition I decided I needed a nice sign for Poetry Corner (channelling Dictionary Corner from Countdown) and a nicely written out haiku.

A Nervous Wait

Loraine and I weren’t going live today until mid-afternoon. So I wasn’t getting any feedback on my composition anytime soon. In order to fill the time I busied myself with some long needed cleaning. I attacked the bathrooms and gave them a good going over. Next on my list was some pattern editing and talking with my friends over virtual coffee and my husband.

Well Received

Considering the fact that its not the best haiku that has ever been written, mine was very well received during our livestream this afternoon. Personally I think some people are willing to be more lenient and kindly during the Coronavirus epidemic than they would be normally. But either way, I will take it!

More Bad News

It was announced today that BoJo aka the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Health Secretary Matt Hancock have both tested positive for Coronavirus. I was only talking to Loraine and my friend Ann this week that he didn’t look well at all. If he was feeling ill and trying to carry on leading the country it would explain it. And Matt Hancock had looked like he had a sweat on the last time I saw him give a press conference.

It just goes to show how infectious the virus is. All morning I have had a sore throat, but I can’t be sure its not all in my head. At the moment you start to second guess every little pain or niggle. But then this afternoon Caitlin also said she has a sore throat. I hope it doesn’t turn into anything.

No Sign of a Husband

I spoke to Phil this lunchtime as usual. Well, not really usual. We don’t talk on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays usually as I am visiting his mum, or parkrunning or he is out playing golf. But he is stuck in a hotel room in Jeddah on a proper lockdown with a curfew. And I am stuck at home.

Every day after the 15:00 curfew has passed, he looks out of the window and gives me a running commentary on the activities of the police moving people on who park on the corniche to enjoy the beach when they should be home. I have told him to livestream it tomorrow. Loads of people would be interested to see how the Middle East country is dealing with Coronavirus!

Finishing Touches to a New Pattern

I also spent some time putting the finishing touches to a new pattern. I usually release my patterns on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Weekends don’t tend to be good days as most people are out and about enjoying themselves. But the world is turned upside down at the moment. So as the pattern is ready I am going to release it tomorrow.

It is a super chunky version of my twisted turban style headband. I called it If You Don’t Know. And those who are in the know will recognise that as a line from Hamilton. Caitlin created a monster when she introduced me to the musical!

Look out for it tomorrow as I will be releasing it in my Ravelry store with a 25% off discount.


Cowlabunga knit a long is still going on. The discount code, cowlabunga2020 still works until Thursday next week. Take a peek at the Ravelry group and join in!

I have now finished my Rose Stitch Cowl by Loraine at Woolly Madly Deeply and will be giving it a bath and taking proper photos tomorrow. I think I will cast on Find Your Way tomorrow, Coronavirus Lockdown Day 5.

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