Clap for our Carers

Today is Saturday and Day 5 of Coronavirus Lockdown. But I realised I forgot to talk yesterday about something from Thursday evening.

At 8pm Loraine and I were livestreaming on Facebook but that didn’t stop us taking part in something really important. We had all been asked to go outside on our doorsteps or lean out of a window and clap for the carers who are putting themselves in harms way for our health.

You actually have to be really careful about how you phrase this, as I found out. When I was getting ready to go I announced I wanted to give carers the clap. Not the best way of putting it. I thought Loraine was going laugh for the rest of the night about that one. If you want a good laugh the whole thing is in our livestream from Thursday night available on You Tube.

Changes to the Town

Saturday morning would usually be parkrun day. But this was the second Saturday since Coronovirus meant they had all been cancelled. We should have been in Stafford on Friday night in order to run at Isabel Trail parkrun this morning. It would have been an I for my alphabet.

Last Saturday I was still able to run with my friend Ann. At that time the government was saying that people could run in pairs only. We did a 5k route near her house and after I had gone home she further brightened my day by sending me a fake parkrun result text. I came first! The first and last time that was ever going to happen!

So this Saturday, after the changes from government regarding Coronavirus and social distancing, I headed out for a solo run. As I had been for a 5k on Thursday I decided to go slightly further today. I ran the 8k route I had ran with Ann just one week ago. There were many changes. The park was locked up with a notice saying it would remain closed until further notice. It was a little scary.

But there was also lovely things to look at too. Following on from Clap for our Carers there was a lovely message for the NHS. And outside a local primary school gorgeous rainbow art telling people to keep safe. Both of these were on the main road on the route to the James Cook University Hospital and so would be seen by all the hardworking key workers.

Saturday Crafternoon

Loraine and I did a livestream in Facebook this afternoon for our Crafternoon. It is a place where we have been trying not to talk about Coronavirus.

I have finished my version of her Rose stitch cowl and have cast on Behind the Green Door. I had only done 4 rows though, so the pattern wasn’t in my head. I worked on a simple rib cowl whilst we chatted instead.

It was nice to have a few regulars join us. I love it when we hear their stories, they share what they are making and how they are coping with the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Loraine has been feeling unwell recently with The Virus That Shall Not Be Named. It was good to hear that she is starting to be able to taste and smell a little in the last day or so.

Don’t Dwell on the Bad News

I have been listening to the news in the morning and I usually catch up again briefly in the evening. I was so saddened to hear today that the death toll in the UK is now over 1000. But I have been trying not to dwell on the bad news. I am loving seeing the inventive ways people are keeping connected and staying busy.

Tomorrow Is Looking Good

Tomorrow Loraine and I are hoping to be able to connect with Wil to do a games night in our livestream. We are looking forward to a bit of 1980s Trivial Pursuit. Watch this space!

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