Its a Holiday

Today is the first Bank Holiday that we have had since the Coronavirus Lockdown came into force. It is Good Friday. And the weather is lovely. The sun is out and its warm. I have seen loads of people walking past my house. Partaking of their one hour of Government approved exercise I should imagine.

I have spent most of the morning relaxing and making the most of my holiday. I took the dog for a walk first thing. but a little later than usual. It did mean that I came across more walkers than I would have preferred. As always happens when I go out for a walk I am reminded how lucky I am to live where I do. Especially at the moment. Even with the Coronavirus lockdown and the restrictions on our daily lives I have this bit of nature that I can enjoy. I can walk out of my house and across the road and I am in fields where I can walk for miles and pass a couple of very happy hours (or as per the guidlelines – one hour max) on a lovely morning like it was today.

A Bit Tired From Last Night

Last night was Thursday night which always means our virtual knit night with Loraine from Woolly Madly Deeply. And just to try and forget the fact that I had really bad stomach cramps from eating a “may contain gluten” chicken rub at lunch time I decided to have a couple of glasses of wine. We also had our regular Clap for our Carers intermission which has happened at 8pm on a Thursday for the last three weeks in recognition of all those working hard to get us all through Coronavirus.

This morning I was feeling a little dehydrated from the wine. I wasn’t hungover, but I could definitely feel that I hadn’t had enough liquids the night before. So I had a leisurely breakfast and watched the movie Diana whilst working on my cardigan. Everything else could wait. I wasn’t going anywhere and no one was visiting!

I have done some housework, but its a holiday so I’m not really feeling in the mood for doing what I should have been doing every day so far. And the weather is so nice that pretty much the only cleaning I have done was in the back garden.

I am lucky to have a really nice outside space to use during the Coronavirus Lockdown. So I thought I should get it tidied up and use it. I washed down the table and the sun loungers that have been out all winter. I then hosed them down just to make sure.

Arthur loves the hose and thought that I had got it out for him. That meant that both of us got a little bit wetter than had been intended. Well, Arthur got a lot wetter than I had intended! I have now got my laptop all set up on the nice clean table and I am working there whilst the weather stays nice. There is a little nip in the air, but not enough that I need to go in. I am going to stay out and enjoy the fresh air for as long as I can.

Slow Progress

As I said I have been working on the neckline of my cardigan. I feel like I have been going round and round and decreasing for about a year! I am making progress though, even if it doesn’t feel like it. I am really close to finishing the decreases and then I will be able to get ready for the steeking. I am a little eager to get to that point. Hopefully I will be able to share some photos with you tomorrow.

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