Taming the Jungle

We have had quite a bit of nice weather since the Coronavirus pandemic meant our movements have been resticted. In that time I have heard the neighbours cutting hedges and their lawns. I haven’t found the time. There has always been phone calls to make, blogs to write, live streams to do and work to get through. But today I had to bite the bullet and get out there.

Caitlin took the dog out for a walk whilst Callum helped by cutting the hedge and taking a turn with the grass. It was less like cutting the lawn and more like taming the jungle! We had the lawn mower on the highest setting but still it kept getting clogged up. And to make things worse the green bin is still full from the winter leaves. The council are not doing collections of them at the moment for the safety of their workers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Needless to say, Callum and I were a little hot and bothered by the time we were finished.

Worth it in the End

Even if Callum and I didn’t think the effort was worth it in the end, Arthur did! He was able to play with all his garden toys unhindered. Including his favourite ball.

Covidiots Strike Again!

The first weekend we had rules about staying at home to stop the spread of Coronavirus we had lovely weather. All that happened was that the Covidiots came out in droves to flock to beauty spots, parks and beaches. This weekend they were out in force again! Despite constant reminders on the news and in the media urging people to stay home to enjoy the good weather.

This morning the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has been on the news responding to reports of bad behaviour on Saturday. He has told us that even our daily exercise can be taken away if people continue to ignore the rules. They aren’t guidelines, they have been brought in with new laws. Sunbathers and people having a picnic at the park can be arrested and fined.

I have watched footage from yesterday showing crowded parks and even one couple having a BBQ on the beach! I know its hard. I know I am lucky to have an outside space of my own. But the rules are simple. One walk, run or bike ride for 30 minutes a day. We aren’t meant to be going to the beach or the park to do this. One park in London is closed today because so many people gathered there in the spring sunshine yesterday. To be honest I am more than a little surprised it was still open in the first place. All the local parks here are locked.

Its irresponsible and its selfish. There are so many people who are finding this lockdown hard. Most of them are the elderly and vulnerable. They would love to be able to go out and enjoy the nice spring weather. But its not safe for them. And the Doctors and nurses that are in hospitals, working themselves to exhaustion and even death. They would much rather be doing anything else.

In the last 24 hours 555 people have died from Coronavirus. The total is now over 4,400. If that doesn’t make you stop and think about whether your journey is essential or whether you should just stay at home, then I don’t know what will get through to you. It is alarming. And it is crushing. Stay at home.

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