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Long time no read!  I know, you have been there all along and it has me that has been AWOL.  I have had a super busy summer, but on this late Bank Holiday Monday I thought it was about time I got back in touch with you and told you what I have been up to!

Gardening, Gardening, Gardening…..

I haven’t been sitting on my bottom and binge watching TV all this time. OK, so I have done a bit of that. But I have been working hard too. My garden fence was falling down and it really needed sorting out. After three separate conversations with my neighbour who point blank refused to discuss the matter I decided to do what I could with the budget I had in the most environmentally friendly way I could.

The Work Begins

I got a few quotes for new fencing which were in the thousands. In the end one guy said it wasn’t worth getting a new fence because my neighbour’s garden is subsiding into ours. Unless we spent a lot of money on a retaining wall then the issue would only happen again. And still the answer when I tried to speak to her was “Its not my problem.”

So after speaking with my brother-in-law we decided we would take down the fence, but up a chain link to keep Arthur in and plant a hedge instead. This would be better because it would look nice, it would stabilise the ground and it wouldn’t cost the thousands for a wall that I simply didn’t have.

Not an Overnight Fix

Now we had a plan, but it wasn’t going to be an overnight fix. My husband is still stuck at work in Saudi. I still haven’t seen him since 2nd January. So any work that needed to get done would be down to me, my teenagers, my brother in law and any workmen we could get. Post-lockdown it has been difficult to get tradesmen as they are so in demand.

The kids and I painted the fences that were going to stay. We built raised beds and we planted all sorts of flowers, fruit, veg and herbs. It was starting to look good, but the hedge was so over grown and it was just too much for us to cut. We were able to get someone in to cut it and a couple of trees, but we had to remove the cuttings. It took weeks!

Eventually between working and helping his mum and daughters my brother in law was able to help me take down the wonky fence. And behind it we discovered the reason why it was falling down between myself and the neighbour but nowhere else. She had been growing ivy up it and shoving bricks in the gap that was getting bigger as the ground continued to subside. This meant I was even happier that I wasn’t spending thousands on a new fence.

We were able to get a couple of guys who do fences to concrete in some posts for us, and then my brother in law and his mate came round and put up the chain fence.

The kids and I then built raised bed and moved two Mud Mountains that were delivered to the front of the house in to the back garden. During this time I pulled my back quite badly and ended up having to go to hospital for treatment. I felt more guilty that I had to leave the teenagers to plant all the hedges that had arrived but they couldn’t wait. If they stayed in pots until I recovered they would be likely to die off.

The grass has become extremely patchy and the original hedge needs another trim, but overall I am really pleased with the new structure and interest to my garden. I will be planting wild flowers and grasses towards the back of the garden and only cutting the front bit of lawn from now on. The hedge and flowers all being part of the plan to encourage more wildlife into my garden.

There Has Been Some Knitting Too…

During this time I have also been knitting and releasing new patterns. But I think I will save all that yarny loveliness for my next post. I promise not to leave it so long before we talk again…

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