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Apart from writing and developing my own knitting patterns I also love to knit other people’s designs. This week I thought I would give you a sneak peek at my latest Ravelry projects of Knits I have loved over the summer.


The first pattern I would like to share with you is Edythe by Jenny Weibe. I got this pattern way back in January when I found out that my step-daughter was having a second baby. But it was early days and we didn’t know what she would be having, so I didn’t cast on until June when I had been given permission to buy an abundance of pink baby yarn.

The pattern has options to make a top, tunic or dress. I made the 3 month size in the dress option. Obviously the ruffles are super cute, and they inspired me to write the pattern Knickers! There is a sneak peak at this pattern in my blog post What New Patterns You Might Have Missed. But I also really loved the feature in this knitting pattern that was the off centre button band on the back. You can check out my project page for Edythe on Ravelry.

Fable Tee

The next knitting pattern that I loved was Fable by Alicia Plummer. I made this using Rowan Pure Life, a cotton yarn that I bought at Woolly Madly Deeply. The pattern and yarn were just the perfect pairing. I made the 36″ but I will admit I did add an extra inch or so length to the body. I love the detail on this tee before you do the ribbing.

It is a top-down pattern and anyone who knows me will know just how much I love to knit stocking stitch in the round! You can check out my project page on Ravelry.

The Baby Ballet Wrap Cardigan

Next comes another cute little baby knitting pattern for my future granddaughter. The Baby Ballet Wrap Cardigan is by Loraine Birchall.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to knit one! My step-daughter had specifically asked for knits in pink and grey and so this pattern was perfect for showing off the two colours together. I went for the pink as the main colour and the grey as the contrast. It is worked from the bottom up in one piece to the armholes. The sleeves are picked up and knitted rather than being worked flat and seamed.

I added two cute buttons to the front and I also put a little popper on the inside wrap to keep it looking nice when the baby is moving around in it. You can check out my project page on Ravelry.

Wyeth Kids Test Knit

The last pattern I want to share with you isn’t available just yet as it is a test knit. I saw a post on Instagram by Alicia Plummer asking for test knitters for her upcoming kids version of her Wyeth pattern.

I thought it was fantastic timing as I was thinking about making something for my grandson. I had, at this point, knitted plenty of pink things. I wanted something in blue for a special little boy so that he didn’t feel left out when the baby came and was given lots of presents.

I knitted it in Malabrigo Rios in the colourway Azules. It was a little more on the purple side in real life than I would have liked and it doesn’t really show the pattern as well as a solid would, but Rios is one of my favourite yarns and always a pleasure to knit with. Look out for when Alicia releases this knitting pattern. My Ravelry project has some info so far!

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