Do You Know How to Set Up a Ravelry Project Page?

Recently I have had a few new test knitters who are new to Ravelry. One of the things I ask my test knitters to do is to set up a Ravelry project page for their sample so that people who might buy the pattern in the future have a few pictures to look through other than my own.

As they hadn’t used the site before they asked for help to set up their pages. I have been meaning to do a post on this for ages, so here we are!

Open Your Notebook

The first step is to click on my notebook at the top right hand corner near your little picture icon. That will open up your projects page. As you can see from the above picture I have quite a few Ravelry project pages! On the left hand side of this page is a blue button that reads add a project. Click on this button.

First Step

The first thing Ravelry will ask you is which craft you will be using on your project. From the drop down menu I have chosen Knitting. Then you can name your project. I have chosen Clan MacKenzie for this sample. Most people name their project for the person they are knitting the item for or the same as the pattern.

Now you are able to chose one of three choices. You can say you used a pattern and enter the name here. I am using a pattern that is still in the testing stage at the moment. So here I have added the tester code.

Alternatively you can say you didn’t use a pattern or that you used one but you know it hasn’t been added to the Ravelry database yet. Mostly these bottom two options would be for designers or people who make up their own instructions. Ravelry is huge so if the pattern has been published anywhere at all it is most likely to be in the database already.

Add Some Details

So this is what your Ravelry project page will look like at the point where you start adding details. Where is says Pattern name you can click the link icon and it will link to the pattern or test.

Add Some Dates to Your Project

Click on the little calendar icon to add a start date. Making sure you put in start and finish dates means that your projects will be put in the correct order if you have them arranged chronologically. Don’t forget to change it from WIP to Finished when you are done!

Your Ravelry Project Category

One of the details you can fill in about your project is what kind of thing you are making. Under Pattern category you can choose if it is clothing or for the home for example.

Loads of Sub-Folders to Choose From!

Clicking on these folders will give you further options. So in this example I chose accessories which then gave me the above options. If you choose belt or other then your options stop here, for everything else you will get more categories of pattern.

Who Knew There Were So Many Pattern Sub-Categories?!

For this example I chose Feet/Legs which gave me the next lot of pattern types. Some of the things you can choose from here include socks and slippers.

Don’t Get Stuck Forgetting Which Needles You Used!

Making a record of which needles you used is a really helpful detail. You might find that you loved making this pattern and want to do it again in the future but you don’t have time right now. If you were able to get gauge with the recommended needles in the pattern then that is great! But often we have to use different sizes to the designer due to our own knitting style. Believe me, you won’t remember! Pick your size from the drop down menu.

Did You Add Your Stash To Ravelry?

Which yarn did you use? This is a handy place to make a note of it. And if you have taken the time to add your yarn into your Ravelry stash you can add it directly from there into your project. You can tell the database how much of it you used and it will tell you how much you have left. Handy!

You Wouldn’t Believe the Amount Of Yarns to Choose From!

Pop the name of your yarn in, click the link button and it will come up with a few options to choose from. You can either click one from the suggested link, or if it isn’t there click none of the above. Sometimes it takes a while for new yarns to get uploaded to the database, but it will get added eventually!

Your Ravelry Project Page is Set-Up!

If you have finished adding details for now don’t forget to click save changes. You can come back and add photos later or change your needles if your swatch doesn’t work out.

Check Out My Project Pages

My Ravelry Project pages aren’t always as complete as they could be! Sometimes I add daily notes and do a really good job, other times I can just about remember to put needles and yarn in! But feel free to check them out if you want!

Emma’s Projects

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