Did you know that LoveCrafts have a Pattern of the Month? And did you know that Vera has been nominated for it this month?

I know you have heard a lot about Vera recently. The pattern was my most recently released one at the end of September. I know I have told you all about my inspiration, the yarn I used, why I used it and I have described the construction. But what I haven’t told you about Vera until now was that it has been nominated for the LoveCrafts Pattern of the Month in October!

Why a Pattern of the Month?

Pattern of the Month is something that LoveCrafts do to showcase just 10 patterns a month. It is great for Indie Designers like me as it gets my work out there and seen by people who may have previously missed it. It is also great for crafters as they might just find a new to them designer who has just the style that they have been looking for.

I found out the great news earlier in the week when I got an email through. It explained that Vera had been picked as a nominee for Pattern of the Week with a link to the collection. There is some stiff competition there I can tell you! All 10 patterns are stunning! And there is a lot of work that has been put in by all the designer to produce the patterns.

Shiny New Patterns

I must admit that if my Vera pattern was not one of the nominees I would find it incredibly hard deciding which one I wanted to vote for! From socks and hats, to children’s jumpers and home items there is a really good variety for you to choose from. But obviously I would like it if you felt you would like to use your vote for my Vera jumper.

The voting will be open through the whole of the month of October. At the end of the month the pattern with the most votes will be crowned Pattern of the Month. And during the whole of November that pattern will have a special badge displayed on it. I think Vera would look so good with a special badge!

You can vote by following this link – Voting

Now, I know you are going to get distracted by all the pretty, shiny new patterns that you see when you click the link. And I can’t blame you for that! I did exactly the same thing when I first saw the collection. But I hope its not too rude to remind you that I did ask you very nicely to vote for my pattern and I did ask you first.

Start Spreading the News!

As well as clicking on the link and voting for Vera there is something else you can do to help me if you wouldn’t mind. Could you please share the collection and get all your friends and followers on social media to vote too? Now, I wouldn’t be so pushy to ask if they could all vote for Vera to be Pattern of the Month too, but if they would like to do that it would be just awesome!

And if you have made any of my patterns, or have started to make one, please don’t forget to let me know! I just love to see your WIPs and FOs. Don’t forget to tag me so I can see your wonderful work! You can find me as @allneedles in most of the usual places.

And keep your eyes open for a new pattern that I will be releasing soon!

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