Elaines Scottish Run, my latest pattern, was released this week.  Here I talk about spring, knitting patterns and the run that inspired me!

Spring is Coming!

Its almost the end of February.  This winter has seemed a bit like its Never Ending.  But this weekend will see the beginning of March, St David’s Day and hopefully the beginning of spring.  And this week also saw the release of my latest pattern – Elaines Scottish Run!

This is absolutely my most favourite time of the year.  The daffodils and crocuses are already starting to pop their heads out of the ground.  The mornings are getting lighter and the evening sun is lasting just that little bit longer.

The air seems to be alive with possibility, new life and a general sense of Awakening.  Including the happy news that this week I released my latest knitting pattern – Elaines Scottish Run!

Even Though it Might Not Feel Like it!

Despite the date, and the expectation of spring, the weather doesn’t seem to have got the memo!  This weekend we are braced for the arrival of Storm Jorge.  This feels like the third storm in as many weeks.  The UK is battered and bruised, and the misery doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon for those worst affected.

One of my favourite places to visit is Hay-on-Wye and the areas around the River Wye experienced awful flooding recently.  We can only hope that the weather starts to improve soon.

Time to Knit A New Pattern

As I am very lucky where I live and haven’t experienced any of the extreme flooding that has hit other areas of the UK, the bad weather has meant I have stayed indoors slightly more than I may have done otherwise.  And this, of course, has given me more knitting time!

I have been working on my cardigan that I want to eventually steek.  The bottom of the body is done and I have completed both sleeves.  I will be joining them together soon, but I have had to put them to one side for the moment for other projects.  And that includes releasing Elaines Scottish Run.

Did You See My Latest Pattern?

I have shared a few photos of my latest pattern release, Elaines Scottish Run, on my social media pages over the last few weeks.  The first was both samples I had knitted with a recent book I had read.  Then I showed you a close up of the crown detail.  Then finally I showed you a view of the back.  Then this week I revealed all!

Elaines Scottish Run

The name of my new pattern is Elaines Scottish Run.  It is a tam or beret style hat, knitted in the round with a double brim.  It is the ideal project for newer knitters to practise a provisional cast on and knitting in the round if you are used to knitting flat.  For those more experienced knitters it is the perfect project for taking with you out and about as it is very portable.

It uses DK weight yarn and could be great for using up that last ball of yarn hiding in your stash after a huge project is finally finished.  It is also versatile for different fibres.  I knitted one sample in a yarn that is 100% acrylic and the other in a more expensive merino, cashmere and silk blend.  Both look amazing!

You’re Still Wondering About the Name…

So you have seen the hat.  You know the basic construction.  You have an idea of the kind of weight yarn that you could make it in.  But you are still curious…

Where does the name Elaines Scottish Run come from?

Well….You will have seen me sharing photos of my running friends going on our travels all over the UK.  For the New Year’s Day Double at parkrun we decided to travel to Burton.  It is quite central and there was a group of us meeting up.  

One of my friends in this group is Elaine.  She had previously requested a red beret from me.  Which I hadn’t got around to doing for her.  Hang my head in shame!  There was a conversation between Elaine and someone she knew at the time.  Despite us having travelled south and telling this person where we were he had it in his head that we were in Scotland.  It became a great source of amusement for our group.  And so when I made the requested beret upon returning home there was really nothing else that I could call it!  Elaines Scottish Run was born!

Well.  There was one other comment made about us going away for a run over New Year by the same person which was even funnier but also rather rude.  So we won’t go there….

You can buy my pattern on Love Crafts or in my Ravelry Store where it is on offer with 25% off until 4.3.20 midnight UK time.  No coupon code needed, it will automatically discount on checkout.

How About You?

Do you have a funny story that has lead to an in-joke with a friend?  Do you have an item that you knitted at a time which means that it always brings back memories when you look at it?

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