This morning I released my Meet Me Inside Cowl, and I wanted you to be one of the first to know! If you follow me on social media you may have seen one or two photos of this cowl, or you may have read my previous blog post about it. But if you don’t follow me you might not have seen these eye catching cowl, so let me introduce you now!

You can grab you copy of the pattern here on my website, as well as in my Ravelry and Payhip stores. The pattern is released with 15% of automatically on Ravely. On Payhip you will need the code allneedles. If you are a subscriber to my newsletter you will have an exclusive coupon for a 30% discount!

Earlier in the year I was listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, a lot! And at the same time I was designing this cowl. One of the songs from Hamilton, Meet Me Inside seemed to fit as the name for the cowl due to the construction.

The Lace

One of the things you will notice first about Meet Me Inside is the lovely lace detail. This is a stocking stitch based lace and although it is quite simple it is also eye-catching. It adds a bit of interest to the pattern whilst you are knitting it, but is simple enough that you will be able to memorise the pattern quite quickly. If you are looking for a pattern that is good for TV knitting without being just garter or stocking stitch then this could be perfect for you.

There is a stocking stitch section which is designed to sit at the back of the neck. You could make this as long or as short as you want. Just stop when you are ready or keep on going!

The Meet Up!

The Meet Me Inside comes from the cast on and bind off. It uses a provisional cast on which is grafted together with the live stitches at the end to cast off. This has the added advantage of leaving you without a seam to join and no ends to weave in when you have finished.

It is knitted in the round, which again cuts down on the amount of ends you will need to weave in. You don’t have to worry about a right or a wrong side either. There is nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time and effort to make a gorgeous looking cowl only for it to slip and show the wrong side when you are wearing it. With Meet Me Inside you have the perfect reversible item that will keep you looking good and warm!

How Long Will You Go?

The cowl starts and ends with stocking stitch sections. You can make these as long or as short as you like. The same for the lace section. If you love the look and are enjoying knitting it there is no reason why you can’t just keep going. I made a short cowl which sits nicely around my neck, but if you prefer a longer style this pattern is perfect!

Use All the Yarn!

I used one strand of Baby Cashmerino and one strand of mohair held together to make my Meet Me Inside cowl. I know that a lot of people can’t wear mohair, so if you leave it off it will still be a gorgeous cowl. Just sub in your favourite sport weight yarn of any fibre and you will be good to go!

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