Tonight is the 100th episode of this thing that Loraine, from Woolly Madly Deeply and I do. We do it on a Thursday evening and a Sunday afternoon. And we do it live. That is a live stream podcast in our Knitting Across the Pennines Facebook group. Have you seen us do it yet? If you haven’t, then this is the perfect time to join us. Celebrate our 100th episode with us!

We started Knitting Across the Pennines way back in February. In the elapsed time from our 1st to our 100th episode the world has become a very different place. We have a very laid back format, just some general chit chat like you would hear at any knit night. Mainly about knitting with some crochet and sewing thrown in there. We show WIPs and FOs. We talk about yarns and patterns. Both those we love and those that have disappointed us. You can watch all those early episodes on You Tube.

Sometimes we have a real treat from Loraine. What she doesn’t know about knitting and yarns isn’t worth knowing. She has even been on the telly news! She has given us hints, tips and tutorials on all sorts of techniques. And she is spot on with her knowledge of colours.

Some of our 100th Episodes highlights….

As we have reached our 100th Episode I thought I would share with you some of the crazy things we talk about.

In Episode 36 Loraine share with us her story of explaining climbing techniques at a funeral (don’t watch whilst taking a drink!)

Whilst in Episode 88 I show off my cowl that I have been developing the pattern for. Loraine wasn’t impressed with the look when I wore it as a headband and compared me to Hilda Ogden! How rude!

And I can’t not share with you Episode 97 where I confused an Excel pivot table with a lazy Susan!

Future 100th Episodes

On a Thursday evening we tend to try and have a bit of a virtual knit night. We all grab a beverage, often a huge bucket of tea but sometimes something more of an adult version. We grab a WIP, usually something that isn’t too complicated or needs too much concentration. And we chat. Our regulars show us what they have been working on and their finished items. We also share what has been happening during the week. We do have a giggle! And we hope to continue to enjoy ourselves for the next 100th episode.

On Sundays we will share patterns that we have seen and liked. Yarns we have tried. Loraine might share a tutorial for a skill with us. And sometimes we have a guest. In the past we have had a couple of pattern designers, and a yarn dyer.

Going forward we would love your ideas. Is there something you would like some hints and tips about? Is there a designer you would love to see as a guest? Or someone who makes project bags or stitch markers? What kind of patterns do you like? Would you like us to share our favourite kids knits or relaxing crochet project ideas? We love to hear from you so please get in touch.

Where Can You Find Us?

If you would like to join us live we are in our Facebook group – Knitting Across the Pennines. If you join our group you will receive an invitation to join our live streams and you will be able to chat with us via the comments. If you can’t join us live you can watch us on catch up. Or if you would prefer you can watch any of our videos on You Tube. Leave us a comment to let us know what you thought. We have a Ravelry Group too! Come and join us and join the party!

Coming Soon…

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