Let Me Introduce Vera…

A year or two ago I went through a phase of loving sock knitting. I would swoon over the gorgeous sock yarns on Instagram. I loved how portable they are as a project. And it was addictive using the self-striping varieties. Just one more row. Just one more row…

Sock Madness!

I joined the Ravelry group Sock Madness and took part in Sock Madness 13. And of course I needed to buy more gorgeous sock yarns. Oh my goodness! Can those guys knit a pair of socks fast! I was able to keep up for the first few rounds. But eventually I got knocked out. The fastest I was able to knit a pair of socks in was 4 days. And even that was a push. It turns out I like my sleep too much to win that particular knitting contest!

The By-product

And all these gorgeous sock projects meant that I had left overs. Lots of lovely scraps of sock yarn. They were pilling up and I didn’t know what to do with them. I kept them in an organza bag and would take them out from time to time to look at but I didn’t want to make a blanket or use them for squares. I wanted something bigger. Something different.

What About a Jumper?

I loved the way sock yarn made cute patterns and I wondered what it would look like in a bigger garment. Like the body of a jumper. I played around a bit and ended up designing Stanhope.

This is a raglan jumper with a slightly deeper than usual v-neck. It is knitted top-down and in the round once you join the neck. The jumper uses a main colour for the top of the body and the sleeves, and then it transitions to a stripped yarn for the lower body. I was hooked on sock yarn again!

If you would like to find out more about Stanhope then check out my blog Swoon-Worthy Stanhope.

What About Sleeves?

One jumper made of sock yarn is never enough is it? So I had used the yarn in an interesting way on the body of a jumper, but what if you had smaller amounts of scraps? Where else could I use them? The sleeves of course! And this was when Vera was designed.

I really loved the fit of Stanhope, and so Vera is the same style. It is also a raglan as that is the style that suits me best. It has a lovely deep v-neck so it shows just a little of the vest that I like to wear underneath. And it has a cute faux side seam. I’m not a huge fan of ribbing so although Vera has it, I have kept it to a minimum.

The body of this sweater is plain. All the focus is on the sleeves. The use of the scraps on the arms is eye-catching. I divided what I had in half and used the same yarns in the same order on each arm. But if you wanted you could use totally different scraps on each side. One of my test knitters did that and it looks stunning!

I Saved the Best News for Last!

Vera will be released 29th March. The pattern will be available on Ravelry, Payhip, LoveCrafts and here on my website. And if you are a subscriber to my newsletter you will be sent a code for 25% off for the first few days.

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