As you may have read in my blog post last week I Have My New Knickers Out! my latest pattern is a cute pair of ruffled baby knickers. You will probably also know that you can get your discounted copy of Knickers on Ravelry, with an automatic 15% off. On Payhip where you can use the code KnickersRelease for 15% off and here on my own website. But what you might not realise is that all codes and offers finish today, the 3rd November so don’t miss out!

As you will know, earlier this year my knitting time was filled with knitting lots and lots of baby things for the arrival of a new granddaughter. She arrived in the summer, and I cannot believe she is already over two months old! But I would like to take you back to the spring, when one of the first pink things I made when I found out the baby was going to be a girl was a cute little dress. It was a pattern called Edyth by Jenny Weibe and I was lucky enough to be gifted the pattern from last year’s Gift-a-Long.

The dress had the most gorgeous ruffles on the sleeves which were so much fun to knit! If you haven’t seen the photos of this cute dress they are in my earlier blog post Recent Knitting Patterns I Have Loved

Inspired by the Ruffles!

Anyone looking at the dress cannot help but be inspired by the gorgeous ruffles. They are simple to make and yet so effective when they are finished. And what does every little girl need to go with a cute little dress? Knickers of course! And what could be cuter than a double whammy of ruffles on those little knickers?

Last week was the exciting launch day of my Knickers! pattern, and I was excited to share the pattern because I know you will love making them for those little girls in your life. Don’t forget you can grab you copy of the pattern on Ravelry, Payhip and LoveCrafts as well as here on my own website! The pattern is discounted by 15% for just a few more hours here, on Ravelry and Payhip (don’t forget you will need the code KnickersRelease for the discount on Payhip) . Unfortunately I am unable to discount it on LoveCrafts. If you are a subscriber to my newsletter check your inbox for your exclusive discount code for 30% off.

And So Are Born Ruffled Knickers!

These Knickers have a construction that starts at the waist on the back, goes down to the gusset and then back up to the front band. This means there is a little seaming to do, but only a small amount on the sides. The ribbing is a 1×1 twisted rib, of course as it is my favourite, and it is done as part of the main body. The ribbing on the legs is done after seaming the sides, and they are picked up and knitted in the round.

And then of course you finish off with lots of fun ruffles. This is the bit where you can have a bit of fun. You can use the same yarn as you used for the main part of the knickers, or you could go wild and use a contrast. One of my test knitters did this and I think the effect is very eye-catching. Why not have a look at some of my testers project pages for some inspiration – Erin’s Knickers, Baby Ryan’s Knickers! and Jess’ Knickers Bikini Set.

Cover Up Those Nappies!

Let’s face it, they are a necessity of any baby’s life but that doesn’t mean that we need to be left looking at them. Disposable nappies, although convenient, are not nice to look at. When I had my son I used real nappies and they came with some really cute covers. But he wore trousers which covered them up so you couldn’t see them anyway. When my daughter was a baby I found that with work and the demands of a toddler it was much better to use disposables. But then she was wearing dresses and skirts which showed them off and I ended up needing cute knickers to hide them.

Use All the Yarn!

Really these are a great stash buster project for all those bit and pieces of baby yarn you have left over from making cardigans and blankets. You could go wild and use a different colour for all the outfits, or even a different colour for each individual ruffle!

If you are on social media don’t forget to tag me if you are making any of my patterns. I love to see your WIPs and FOs. I am @allneedles on all the regular places. Or use #allneedles #emmasadler or #emmasadlerdesigns

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