That Friday Feeling!

Its Day 11 of Coronavirus Lockdown and its Friday! Thank Crunchy! Can you feel it? The weekend is tomorrow. You get to stay in your pjs all day and binge watch lots of series on Netflix or Amazon or Disney+. You get to lounge around and eat snacks. Are you looking forward to it? What? Wait? You have been doing that for nearly 2 weeks already? Oh yeah. Social distancing. Coronavirus.

Getting on with Jobs

The working week is done for me. In fact it might be done for quite some time. I am still waiting to hear if college will want me to continue working after the Easter break. The students will be going back a week early but still at home as the Coronavirus Lockdown will continue. So now is the best time to start getting into a new routine and sorting out all those jobs around the house that I have been putting off and putting off.

No longer do I have the excuse that I am too busy at work. No longer can I say I will do it when I have more time at home. I am always at home!

I did make a start last week by sorting out the cupboard in the en-suite bathroom. Today I made a start on my clothes and bedroom cupboards. It is getting warmer, and I definitely needed to swap out my winter running clothes for spring and summer ones. I am intending to run once or twice a week on the treadmill for which I will need shorts and vests. But I am also intending to run outside twice a week for which I will need capris and tshirts. These are now all swapped and tidy in my cupboard. The winter ones in a vacuum bag. Whilst I was at it I sorted out my pjs and underwear. One cupboard down, loads still to go.

Coffee Time

My friends and I are still continuing to keep in touch via video call and having a coffee break together. If the Coronavirus Lockdown has taught us anything, its that we need to stay connected. Today Michelle kept us entertained by showing us around her new home office. And then turning the world upside down 🙂

Heading Out

This afternoon I have to head out for the first time in just over a week. The last time was when I went to Morrison’s on Wednesday a week ago. Today I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. I rang yesterday and checked that it was there. It is ready and waiting but the poor woman on the phone sounded harrassed! And it sounded like bedlam. They have changed their opening times to a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon. I am expecting to have to queue when I get there. I would have got up and been waiting for when they open at 10 but she said its really busy then and suggested I go for around 4:30 when it tends to be a bit quieter. I guess the Coronavirus Lockdown has people getting up early to go about their business and try and get it over and done with.


I know there is a flight leaving from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia tomorrow for London. I also know my husband won’t be on it. When I asked him earlier he didn’t seem to know anything about it but the tweet I saw said they had contacted everyone who had expressed an interest. But I think he is happier where he is at the moment.

Going Live

Loraine and I have been continuing to go live in our Knitting Across the Pennines group every day. Today will be shorter as I have to go out and I believe Loraine is currently braving the shops for the first time in weeks. Who knows how long that will take! Since Coronavirus turned the world upside down you have no idea what you will be faced with out in the Real World.

Come and join us for our if you can, or watch later in the group or on You Tube.

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