Trollies! I am sorry, I just love the word trollies! It will probably come as no surprise to you that I have recently been working on a new knitting pattern and I just had to name it something fun. I know I usually release my new patterns on the last Tuesday of the month, but the end of November is looking pretty full for me. My husband is hoping to come home for the first time this year and I have a few other commitments. So I have brought this release forwards to Tuesday 10th November 2020.

If you follow me on social media you may have seen one or two photos of these cute little shorts. But if you haven’t you might not have seen these cuties, so let me introduce you now!

Earlier in the year I was busy knitting lots and lots of baby things for the upcoming arrival of a new granddaughter. I made a few pretty things like a ruffled dress and matching Knickers. But I also wanted to make something that was comfy for the baby to roll around on the floor in. I called them Trollies, and I think they will be perfect for when my granddaughter is learning to roll over and crawl after her big brother.

If you want to have a look at some of the other things I knitted for my granddaughter you can see them in my earlier blog post Recent Knitting Patterns I Have Loved

The Lace

One of the things you will notice first about Trollies is the cute little lace detail on the bottom of the legs. This is a garter based lace and although it is quite simple it is also eye-catching. It is knitted separately and then the legs are picked up afterwards. If you wanted you could leave this off for a cleaner, simpler finish. You might also prefer to knit Trollies without it if you are making them for a little boy.

You could also knit the lace in a contrasting colour. One of my testers did this and I think it is super cute and effective.

The Waistband

As you will see in the photos I finished off the waistband of my Trollies with a cute little pink bow. But I think it would look super cute if you used a button instead. A few of my testers used nothing at all and left the waistband plain. I put in some elastic in my pair, and have included instructions on how I did this in case you want to do it too. One of the testers made an i-cord and used this instead of elastic and used it to tie a pretty bow at the front.

Why not have a look at some of my testers project pages for some inspiration – Labedz Trollies, Eyenowhour’s Trollies, KenneyJane’s Trollies, Erin’s Trollies.

How Big Will You Go?

So how big is the little one you are planning to make these for? 12 months old? Not a problem at all! The pattern is graded for sizes from Preemie all the way up to one year. As I said earlier, the lace is knitted flat then the legs are picked up and knitted with the body being in the round. This means there is very little seaming to do at the end, just the little bit in the crotch. That makes this pattern perfect for knitters who don’t like to sew seams or weave in too many ends when they have finished.

Use All the Yarn!

Really these are a great stash buster project for all those bit and pieces of baby yarn you have left over from making cardigans and blankets. You could go wild and use a different colour for the lace, for the legs and even stripes on the body part. How many combinations of colours can you come up with?

I will be releasing this pattern in just a few days, on Tuesday 10th November 2020. Don’t forget to make sure you are on my Email List so you get your excusive subscriber discount for all my new patterns.

And if you are on social media don’t forget to tag me if you are making any of my patterns. I love to see your WIPs and FOs. I am @allneedles on all the regular places. Or use #allneedles #emmasadler or #emmasadlerdesigns

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