The Coronavirus Files – Agonising Day 32

The Coronavirus Files – Agonising Day 32

Where Has the Week Gone?

I don’t know about you, but I am finding the days in this Coronavirus Lockdown are just flying by! I am now officially unemployed again and so maybe you would think that the days would drag a bit without the structure of a job. But it is just the opposite at the moment.

Filling My Days

Even when life is very different such as in this Coronavirus outbreak, you will find yourself soon getting in to a new routine. I think its human nature. And I am no different. Monday – Thursday are my mornings to walk the dog. Tuesday evenings are when I brave the shops. The rubbish still gets collected on Thursday mornings so I still have to remember to put the bin out on Wednesday evenings. Thursday evenings are Loraine and my knit nights via Facebook Live and of course we go out and clap for our carers.

Friday and Saturday Callum walks Arthur and so these are the days I try and cut the grass and get out for a run rather than using the treadmill. The same on Sunday when Cailtin takes a turn at the dog exercise.

Last night the street was out again shouting, clapping and banging saucepans in support of all our carers and key workers who are continuing to battle on during the Coronavirus lockdown. And before we know it, another week will have passed and we will be back out there again. Some days I am even lucky enough to get some knitting done!

Days are Flying Past!

Each day goes by in its own routine too. In the mornings I usually walk the dog and come home to a huge pot of freshly brewed coffee. I then drink this whilst doing bits and bobs on the computer. Checking emails, social media and Ravelry. I try and post a little snippet on Instagram from the previous days live with Loraine. And I am trying to get into the habit of doing my blog once a week on a Friday or Saturday.

Around 11 I tend to go into the kitchen where I have been trying to practise my flute. This week I also sent Callum into the loft to find my long abandoned clarinet. It went up there when we moved in 14 years ago and I hadn’t seen it since. And I don’t think I have played it in about 20 years.

I played for many of my teenage years. I was very lucky to get free music lessons from the school. Once a week myself and two other girls got 30 mins with a teacher after school. I got quite good. And even though my parents couldn’t afford me to do the official exams my teacher said I was working at a Grade 5 and moving on towards a Grade 6.

When Callum brought down my clarinet he also found some sheet music. I remember that I used to play some of the tunes as they were well known, but I couldn’t read it now. And I couldn’t remember any of the fingering for the notes. And the reeds! I worked my way up from a 1 1/2 to a 2 1/2 but my goodness did I have to blow really hard to get any noise out of it now!!

My husband will be shaking his head in disbelief because I have now bought new, softer reeds, as well as a music stand and three books of music for the flute and clarinet. I think I have got as far as I can with the tutorials available on You Tube. I may have to start thinking about some Skype lessons.

I am pleased with my progress though. In two weeks I have gone from not even being able to make a noise on the flute to knowing 7 notes and being able to play some simple songs. And in two days on the clarinet I have remembered 5 notes and can play some simple scales. Here is a little video of me showing off my flute playing.

Good Afternoon!

Afternoons seem to be filled during this Coronavirus Lockdown with Facebook Livestreams with Loraine, talking to my husband or our parents and watching things on TV with the kids. There never seems to be enough time to share between them all! But I am loving spending more time with the kids.

This morning I was trying to cut the grass before the lawn mower decided to go on strike. So I thought I would leave it for a bit and come and write this weeks blog. It has had an hour to sort itself out so I am going to try it again. Wish me luck!

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